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how to tell someone you love them | FreeMotives

First, we should talk about 'What is Love?' There are lots of debate are found on the articles or the internet where lots of definition are there but according to us Love is a sudden feeling for a person when you are physically, mentally and sexually attract to a person and want to make his/her lives better, that person can be a stranger, any known person, colleague or can be your best friend. In short, Love is a feeling when you want to do something crazy romantic protective activity for a person who meant a lot to you and consider him/her as your special person.

Why telling someone how much you love them?

It is very important for that person to know that you are in love with him/her. There are so many reasons behind that :

  • It will make your connection much stronger with that person.
  • It will make yourself more comfortable around that person.
  • It will make your confidence and that person's confidence level high.
  • It will prove how valuable that person meant to you.

There are millions of ideas that will assure you why to tell you to love them. In this article, we use only 4 reasons but you can use any idea which courageous you to tell them that you love them.

How to Tell Someone indirectly You love them?

1. Be Honest: 

Honesty is the key point to make better bondage with that person whom you love the most and make that person valuable. Dishonesty will make your impression bad on them and the person you are in love with considering you as less trustworthy.

2. Good Listener : 

Listen to him/her with the full attention and don't interrupt him/her while he/she is talking about something whether it is the personal matter or the ideas.

3. Try to understand: 

Try to understand that person every time, If the person doing something which is wrong in a different view then you can try to fix them and support them with a better idea.

4. Be Kind : 

Think before you talk or cracking a joke or before you say something really stupid. You have to always show kindness with your words and your actions and show them that they are extremely meant important in your life.

5. Physical contact :

Physical contact plays an important role while you are showing someone that you really love them that could be patting on the back, handshaking, gently pushing them in the opposite direction while walking or sitting, and main is hugging them every time you meet them. These contacts can help to give strength to your bond with the person you are in love and hug is the sweetest gesture to say 'I really care for You'.

6. Make them surprised : 

You can surprise the person you love with the sudden gifts or your unexpected entry in front of them of the birthday surprises and a trip with him/her.

7. Cry with them: 

When the person you love is in the bad mood or feeling off by any reason, don's ask the reason until he/she is interested to talk about that but you can stand with them if they are feeling off or make them laugh with your crazy jokes or funny activity, it will help that person to forget the sadness and live that funny moment you're creating.