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4 Things that you should prepare before the first day of your New Job

Plan your Dress Code for the First day

It is totally embarrassing that going to your new job and realizes that you're not well dressed. This can make you feel uncomfortable and make you not introduce to the other employees and make your first day memorable in a negative way. So remember that you should have a proper outfit for the first day of your New Job. Some companies have their own dress code and every employee follows that dress code and if yours don't then pick up some formal clothing because it is always better to look smarter than look too much casual. It is important to give your 100% effort it makes you look like you care about the tasks.

Find the little details about the Company

On your first day of the job, it is hard to keep remember the names of your co-workers or rules and of the company or the company or the roles. To get in touch with them you can stalk online on your co-workers and find the details about co-workers from the company website's about us page or the team section of the website. It is a better idea to find them on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. You can easily find them on these social media websites by their name, role or by the company name. This will help you to remember their names.

Prepare some small conversation

It sounds weird but you can prepare some small conversation that you can do with the co-workers like "Weather seems very bad ..."
Just think about the little things you can ask the person you meet in the company. Don't get too cheesy while asking and talking something, A little talk with the co-workers can make a big impact on them to get influence with them.

Bring some Stationary

It could be possible that your company have all the stationaries that employees needed but you have to prepare if not, so you can bring some that will help you to note some interesting and some new thing in handwriting. Stationaries such as pen, pencil, notepad, notebook, calculator.

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